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Trust Documents
    What documents are involved with Pet Estate Planning?

All of your documents will be prepared by Lane & Karlo, LLP, Attorneys at Law.  We are licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia; if you are not a Georgia resident, we recommend you contact an attorney in your state for your estate planning needs.  Click here to learn more about Lane & Karlo, LLP.

When we assist in your estate planning needs for your pets, you will receive several Estate Planning Tools, including:

Living Trust Document – This is the document that establishes the Trust and names the Trustee and Caregiver

Durable Power of Attorney – Your Trustee will need a Power of Attorney to allow him/her to conduct certain financial transactions and to transfer funds and/or property into the trust if you become ill or are injured. 

Physicians Affidavit – This is a sample document that your Trustee will have your physician sign if you become ill or injured and are unable to care for your pets.  You will also receive a sample affidavit that your physician will sign if you have recovered from your illness or injury.  This allows you to step back in and regain possession of your pets.

Pet Care Instructions - These are your specific instructions to the Trustee and Caregiver that ensure your pets receive the standard of care that you desire.

Pet Identification Memorandum – This document allows you to specifically describe your pets so that your trust covers your pets, not a pet that looks similar.  Modifications may be easily made at any time to include new pets. 

Caregiver Agreement – Your Caregiver will sign this agreement upon taking possession of your pets acknowledging that he/she will provide care for them in accordance with the terms of the trust. 

Codicil to your will – If you have a will and want to use certain assets to fund the trust upon your death, a codicil to your will may be prepared.  A Codicil is a supplement to your will wherein you modify, delete or insert additional provisions.  If you do not have a will or have one that you would like to significantly amend, please e-mail or call us at (770) 952-3388 to discuss your options.

Wallet Alert Card – This card will alert any emergency or medical personnel that you have pets at home and who to contact in case of an emergency.

Door Sign – This sign lets emergency personnel know that you have pets that may need to be rescued in the event of an emergency

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